Green Grass, Remorse, and a Clothespin

Green Grass, Remorse, and a Clothespin

by Bob Grant

GolferTiger, Mark, Bill and more,

Guys who should have known the score.

Grass is GreenerThe Grass is greener on the other side,

Now brown soil they want to hide.

Forbidden SexTo look is one of life’s great pleasures,

Go further and you get forbidden treasures.

Pretty FaceIs it the thrill or is the chase,

Or is it the lure of a pretty face?

Is it for spite or is it for more,

Or is it to just even the score?

Whatever the reasons they never seem good,

When what you just done is not what you should.

Male HorseAt the time they feel like a male horse,

Then reality sets in along with remorse.

ClothespinWhen all is closed, said, and done,

Should have used a clothespin and a six mile run.

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