Life’s Little Questions

Life’s Little Questions

by Bob Grant

Life JugglingLife’s little questions have been written before,

Now I take on a few at least once more.

I ask that you all keep an Open Mind,

But don’t let your Brains Fall Out so we can’t find,

ShowerThe Shower you Took that made you Clean,

With the Speed Of Dark on your shower screen,

With soap the left Scum while brushing your Teeth,

Before sitting in your Booth, which plural, isn’t Beeth,

Penny for your ThoughtsWhen someone asked – a Penny For Your Thought,

You give your Two Cents Worth for the answer they sought,

Why do people say Heads Up,

When they really want you to just Duck,

Washing HandsDo we Scrub Down or Wash Up,

Can we both Thaw and Unthaw – the answer is yup,

Why is a Boxing Ring – Square,

There’s no Egg in Eggplant but do we care,

TypingWhy are things Typed Up but Written Down,

Why are they called Stands when they are for Sitting Around,

So many questions – so little time,

Just a few I have posed with this little rhyme.

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