The Answer that Solves All Problems

The Answer that Solves All Problems

by Bob Grant

BoogersThe world has got problems – I can’t agree more,

There’s care for us all and then there is war.

The unanswered question I now to you pose,

Where goes a bogger that comes from ones nose?

Man LookingDo you look at it first or flick it away?

Do you wipe your arm with it or use it to play?

Do you stick it in your ear or maybe the wall?

Do you hide it in your desk or in the bathroom stall?

Man with SandwichDo you put it in a sandwich or into your soup?

Do you hold it in your hand or need a large scoop?

Do you roll it in a ball or something that skips?

Do you toss it into dip for use with your chips?

Man with AnswerGive us that answer and the world stands still,

All answers from there are all downhill.

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