Out of Warranty

Bought you new in ’97 –

reward to me – oh yes.

Success had finally come my way –

was proof of that I guess?

Shined you up and off we went –

upon the open road.

Chasing dreams and customers –

into the fray we strode.

Ran from twisters, snow, and such –

we traveled seasons all.

Were with me there through thick and thin –

and safely did you haul.

When it was time to trade you in –

I could not make the deal.

I’ve kept you since with no regret –

sound choice I really feel.

So now you set in my garage –

waiting for the time.

When you come out and off we go –

on road and hills we climb.

You are like me in lots of ways –

I think you will agree.

Look pretty good from far away –

but Out of Warranty.


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