Christy & Chico

Christy the Cheetah was starting to grow,

learning to run and where she should go.

She lived on the range with others like her,

with whiskers and tails and spots in their fur.


Chico the Chicken was starting to grow,

learning to peep and where he should go.

He lived on a farm right next to the plain,

he was a young rooster who didn’t like rain.


One day while out playing a storm came so fast,

the lightening did bolt – the thunder did blast.

He ran for a cave he saw to his right,

he got there in time to see quite a site.


For huddled inside who looked just as scared,

was Christy the Cheetah who at he now stared.

His parents had warned what Cheetah’s could do,

like have him for dinner as hot Chicken stew.


But Christy was different from what he’d been told,

she didn’t want dinner – just someone to hold.

So Chico reached out and offered a hug,

that really gave Christy’s heartstrings a tug.


And as his wings opened to hold his new friend,

something fell out of his wing at the end.

For Chico kept “Smarties” to eat as a snack,

in case he got hungry before he got back.


So then he told Christy, “here’s something to share,”

until the storms passes and cleans out the air.

Now this is just how these two became friends,

but it is not where this true story ends.


They still meet each year to talk and to rave,

’bout sharing those Smarties that day in the cave.




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