Off to Mars?

If I went to Mars today,
the trip I’d take would be one way.
If change of pace is what you want,
then be a crazy Astronaut.

Blast off into outer space,
with other crazies giving chase.
Rushing off to pitch a tent,
seems radical to just save rent.

But who am I to disapprove,
of those who up and want to move.
Perhaps they’re smarter than we thought,
and this is why they took the slot.

For they won’t have to deal with smog,
or screaming kid or yapping dog,
or mowing lawns or shopping malls,
or culling out the robocalls.

So as I think of pros and cons,
a clearer picture for me dawns.
I might sign up and take a whack,
when they have plans to get me back.

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