Shelley the Silly Seal

Tis’ the story of Shelley the Seal,
whose “Silliness” I will reveal.
You’ll find her almost any place,
to put a smile upon your face.

You might see her at Christmas time,
sledding down in purple slime.
Or sitting by large flower pots,
wearing rainbow Polka Dots.

There she is on mountain high,
putting beans on cherry pie.
or riding down a crooked road,
high upon a barking toad.

She once was seen in underwear,
dancing with a polar bear.
Then diving in a swimming pool,
with a three-tailed orange mule.

I never will forget when she,
kissed a turquoise bumble bee.
Or the day she made a thud,
jumping into lime-green mud.

Silly although never mean,
and happy as a jelly bean.
Her silliness a flying bus,
bringing laughs to all of us.


If there’s a finger in my ear,
or bubble gum is stuck right “here”,
or shake and hop before I sit,
it’s her – not me – who’s doing IT.

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