The Fox and the Phython

“Beware of all Strangers” the Fox had been told,
from parents, and teachers, and even the old.
That’s easy to follow – I won’t be their prey,
for if they look mean – I’ll just run away.

The Fox was out walking one day in the park,
then hurrying home as night would be dark.
When up to the right on a bench near the wall,
was a little old lady with glasses and shawl.

The Lady told Fox that she needed a hand,
been sitting so long that she just couldn’t stand.
If you’d just take a minute to give me a boost,
I’ll get off this bench upon which I roost.

The Lady looked harmless – so old and so sick,
the Fox never thought that it might be a trick.
But nearing the Lady alarms in his head,
remembered the warnings that others had said.

So Fox told the Lady, “I can’t help you out –
you’re a stranger to me – for that there’s no doubt.”
The Lady just thought – I’ll sit here and wait,
‘til one comes along and swallows my bait.

The Python took off the glasses and shawl,
then slithered along to a new bench and wall.
To wait for another more trusting of strangers,
who doubted the warnings along with the dangers.

The Python “would get” a meal to take home,
soon back for another the Python would roam.

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