“Excess” is in one’s perception,
my case there is one exception.
There’s no limit I allot,
when it comes to “Cho-Co-Lot.”

Pour it on my cereal,
take it for bacterial.
Drink it hot or drink it cold,
smoke it flat or smoke it rolled.

Use it for deodorant,
apply to hair as colorant.
Serve it on assorted meats,
smother it on pickled beets.

Slather it on my jawbone,
behind my ear just like cologne.
Stick it in my heater vents,
lather it on fender dents.

See no way that “Cho-Co-Lot,”
can’t be my main train of thought.
Pumped straight from my head to feet,
“Milk” or “Dark” just can’t be beat!.

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