Santa’s Sleigh 1 & 2

Santa’s been around a while,
to the masses brings a smile.
Presents bagged and in his sleigh,
easy-peasy was his day.

As the years advanced along,
simple was a different song.
Radar and the Internet,
brought a challenge and a threat.

No longer could he move unseen,
every misstep on some screen.
Smash a chimney on a landing,
to stay on track is so demanding.

Then to please the PC folks,
the strain gives Santa mini-strokes.
Once that was a joyous night,
now more tricky is the flight.

So changes made from Santa’s view,
a need for sleigh both one and two,
The first one just like one of old,
gifts and Rudolph in the fold.

Number two is just defense,
to Santa it makes perfect sense,
for stocking lawyers in his sleigh,
might keep him from a pending fray.

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