A New Design for the Brain

If I had designed the Head,
a different Brain I’d have Instead.
One that shoved the Clutter Out,
A Great Idea without a Doubt.

A Jingle that just never Ends,
to Parting Words, “Let’s Just Be Friends.”
The Whole Cake eaten Yesterday,
Useless Thoughts get in the Way.

For Those who just might Rant with Rage,
I’m only in the Drafting Stage.
Searching now for Volunteers,
for All Ideas including Ears.

They’re right there Setting Perfectly,
each Side the Head and not the Knee,
Crumple Info into Wads,
Insert in Ear with Tiny Pods.

You Pick what goes into your Brain,
the Excess Gladly you Will Drain.
One Ear Inputs stuff you Seek,
the other Empties once a Week.

Those who Step Up and Advise,
will Share with you the Nobel Prize.
Our Tag Line lived by Any Mother,
“In One Ear and Out the Other,”

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