WORDS – they Make the World go ‘round,
written Down or Made of Sound.
Language is a Party Pooper,
if Understood that would be Super!

Though I Know I’m Just a Minion,
no one Asked for my Opinion.
Converse with All around our Globe,
if Came with a Translation Lobe.

Got four Now – why Not Five?
Easy Fix ‘til we’re Alive.
Boring Classes – Online Help,
endless Tapes – makes One Yelp.

If had this Lobe would be no Sweat,
we All would be in One Mindset.
In the Ear and off the Tongue,
Read or Hear from Old or Young.

Order off Most any Menu,
feel at Home in any Venue.
And to Some might Be most Vital,
Foreign Films with no Subtitle.

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