The Metric System

The Metric System makes me Numb,
almost Always feeling Dumb.
I am Told divide by Ten,
but still Confused I can’t Pretend.

Useless on my Trusty Rule,
just Like when ‘twas back in School.
“It’s so Simple” is the Rage,
can’t Convince me At my Age.

A 10K run Just seems Bazaar,
all I know it’s “Way” too Far.
Football is my Deck of Cards,
‘cause it Uses simple Yards.

So what If we’re just One of Three,
Countries not a Devotee.
I’m all In and Standing tall,
against the Metric Protocol.

Way back When a Few just Sat,
‘twas One-O-Four in Their dirt Flat.
The system Came from their Sweat Pool,
as Forty made Them sort of Cool.

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