World Peace Solution in a Simple Rhyme

My solution for World Peace,
Hostilities would surely Cease.
Would be “The” News Cycle Hottie,
using Just a Porta Potty.

Collect them From around the Lands,
Construction Sites to Hard Rock Fans.
Then select the Ripest Few,
you Know it’s What we gotta Do.

Set Them out in Sunshine Rays,
and Leave them There for Many Days.
They’re done for Sure if Smell for Miles,
burns your Eyes and don’t bring Smiles.

Bring together Feuding Leaders,
with Cell Phones and Tiny Heaters.
In separate Potty’s – must go There,
wearing but Their Underwear.

Heavy Chains to Lock them In,
until Discussions they Begin.
Can’t Come out ‘til They Agree,
to Bare it All and shout “Whoopee!”

If they Can’t reach a Solution,
then There’s only one Conclusion,
Perhaps they Will no longer Spar,
While Standing in the Reservoir.

All in All this Plan will Work,
though Some might Label me a Jerk.
Results the End for Host’s to See,
from “Potty Mouth Diplomacy,”

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