Whiter Teeth to Proud Extender,
Lighter Beer to Younger Render.
Love Them, Hate Them, In-between,
now a Part of Life’s Cuisine.

How long Have they been Around?
Surely long as Sight and Sound.
‘Bout time for a Whistle Blower,
started With an Apple Grower.

Had an Orchard just called Eden,
not sure Where – perhaps near Sweden?
Round Red Apples on the Trees,
need to Sell them ‘for they Freeze.

Advertise to bring in Biz,
heard About this Serpent Whiz,
could sell Snow to Eskimos,
Let’s bring in Some real Pros.

The Serpent said for Sales Upheaval,
let’s Promote that Good and Evil,
the First Commercial to Deceive,
seen by Adam and by Eve.

At that point Commercials Grew,
Fancy Cars to Mountain Dew.
Even though those Two Departed,
now Know how Commercials Started.

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