“Get More”

“Get More” covers Lots of Things,
from Exercise to Red Hot Wings.
Sex is Clearly at the Top,
for Some it Might be ‘til you Drop.

Money is Where some take Aim,
or Maybe it’s just Worldwide Fame.
Sleep and Shoes and Disease Cures,
Friends and Cars and Scenic Tours.

For me It would be Just plain Air,
to Carry with me Anywhere.
Many kinds At my Disposal,
would Be my “Get More” proposal.

Tubes that Smelled like Barbeque,
Ocean Air within the Brew.
Fresh Pine Trees and Roses Sweet,
Morning Dawn and New Car Seat.

Anytime – Day or Night,
I’d have My Air to Make things Right.
And when It’s time for My last Breath,
my “Get More” Air might Just cheat Death.

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