“Tech Smart”

I’m “Tech Smart” as any Gent,
whose Prime Time has Come and Went.
I’ll challenge any Three-Year-Old,
with the Knowledge that I Hold.

When I think of “Gigabytes”,
eating Burgers in Two Bites.
My phone’s got just “Thirty-Two,”
still a Lot of Food to Chew.

A “Browser”, “Scanning”, “Windows” screens,
a Peeping Tom to me it Means.
When I hear ‘Bout some “Hard Drive,”
Rush Hour traffic and Survive.

A “Monitor” when Was a Kid,
someone Watching what I Did.
A “Mouse” was Something that cats Chased,
a “Bit” were Items in drills Placed.

A “Boot” ‘twas Swift Kick in the Butt,
A “Click” noise Made when Doors were Shut.
A “Drag” were Parties without Chicks,
A “Menu” something with Chopsticks.

As the “Folders” in my Brain,
“Network” until I Obtain,
more “RAM” to where I’m feeling Bold,
and Challenge up a Four-Year-Old?

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