When my WiT-iT goes to S**T-iT

When my WiT-iT goes to S**T-iT,
here I SiT-iT like a TwiT-iT,
in a FiT-iT can’t RemiT-iT,
want to SpiT-iT, maybe QuiT-iT?

Should I FliT-iT or EmiT-iT,
or just GriT-iT not ObiT-iT?
Or CommiT-iT as UnfiT-iT,
or OutfiT-iT as I KniT-iT?

If I SpliT-iT just to PiT-iT,
so can KiT-iT in my MitT-iT,
Can’t OmiT-iT that I WriT-iT,
must AdmiT-iT, I don’t GiT-iT?

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