From a “Lotto Loser” to the “Lotto Lords”

“Not a Winner” – how Depressing,
Lots of Losers I am Guessing.
If you Play the Lottery,
those Three Words the Most you See.

This is For the Lotto Lords,
who Control the Lotto Boards,
Rhymers will Sure help you Out,
a Win/Win – Give them a Shout.

They are Cleaver – They are Bright,
they will Help you Win the Fight,
They’ll cheer Up your Lotto Losers,
turn Supporters from Accusers.

Start Things out with Rhymes Below,
hope from Here the Entries Grow,
Replace Three Words with Something Clever,
only Adds to Your Endeavor:

“You are Not the Only Shmuck,
and we Wish you Better Luck.”

“Try Again – Start Anew,
there were Winners just Not You.”

“Few Bucks here – Few Bucks there,
it’s only Money – don’t Despair.”

“You blew it Off a Week Ago,
Might have Won – you Never Know?”

“You did not Win – what can We Say,
you Sorry Soul why Did you Play?”

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