The “Toilet Brush Christmas Tree”

In Italy’s Rome there Stands a Tree,
named by Others – Was not Me.
Who takes the Heat – Don’t blame Yourself,
this Culprit is “The Nasty Elf.”

Not only Roams in that Rome,
has Paid a Visit to our Home.
Sometime during the Offseason,
certainly a Wicked Reason.

In Christmas’ Past – Meticulous,
things I store with Great Fuss.
In their Places with no Care,
the Elf just Moves them Everywhere.

Strung the Lights around our House,
all just Laughed even the Mouse.
Went in Boxes working Right,
take them Out – the Lights won’t Light!

The decorations Can’t be Found,
seems They wandered all Around.
Plates with Pictures of Saint Nick,
lost Forever – That’s a Trick.

Seems around each Christmas Eve,
the Nasty Elf plays to Deceive.
Santa gives a Stern Time Out,
the Elf’s not There for Rudolph’s Shout.

Who can Blame this Nasty Elf,
for Feeling sorry for ones self?
Then plan a Year’s worth of Revenge,
bright Idea how to Avenge.

Take the Elf on Christmas Hoppings,
pick Up after Reindeer Droppings.
Keep Elf busy through the Year,
no Time Off – make it Clear.

If Elf is Nice – Nasty no More,
then Drive the Sleigh is What’s in Store.
And Santa if you Really Care,
keep that Elf out of Our Hair.

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