Ah – just a Few Letters Difference

A “Mentor” be a Trusted Teacher,
“Tormentor” a Nasty Creature.
Hero might be One who “Led,”
Coward might be One who “Fled.”
Why did Someone “Act” that Way,
until the “Facts” it’s hard to Say?
“It” appears to Me in Bits,
that Song was One of 60’s “Hits.”
A “Rat” can Ruin any Date,
until it Scampers in a “Grate.”
Might eat something with a “Tang,”
Strange when Comes out with a “Bang.”
Use your “Pin” to Buy the Stuff,
“Trappings” to surround your Duff.
“Age” is Something that you Bless,
as You strive to be “Ageless.”

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