We should have been Moles

If we were Moles and Lived in Holes,
we Could set the Earth’s Controls.
No Pollution – Global Warming,
Oceans Rising – Weather Storming.

Wastelands, Glaciers – all in Use,
Room for All so no Abuse.
Minor changes Would not Hurt,
have To be Some Flavored Dirt.

Ice Cream, Pizza, and French Fries,
Burgers, Hot Dogs, Yummy Pies
Brussels Sprouts into the Mix,
Chocolate Flavored just for Kicks,

As we Burrow Day to Day,
Up, or Down, or Anyway.
Existing path or Dig a New.
Where to Munch is up to You.

Tail Gating does not Exist,
no Need to Swear or Raise a Fist.
Exhaust is Eating and to Send,
directly To the Other End.

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