What you should Shut Down – What you should not Shut Down

Things you should Shut Down:

Toilet Bowl that Overflows,
Snot that’s Dripping from you Nose.
Lights whenever Leave a Room,
Bathroom Door to halt the Fume.
Phones though Left to some Debate,
so Pets don’t Roam – the Backyard Gate.
Eyelids so That you can Sleep,
Tunes so Hearing you will Keep.

Things you should not Shut Down:

Power running To your House,
Cheese until you Catch the Mouse.
Do the Jig then Start a Stream,
eating Cookies with Ice Cream.
Love when It is for the Good,
Alertness in your Neighborhood.
Dreams created in the Night,
New Day starts with Morning’s Light.

Shutting Down or Leaving On,
Consequences will be Drawn.
What determines Final Ending,
Conscience versus Moral Bending.


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