Shoot ‘Em

Let’s Arm Everyone – Shoot ‘Em,
Rifle, Pistol, Gun – Shoot ‘Em.

Take Guns All Away – Shoot ‘Em,
Amendment Use And Say – Shoot ‘Em.

Got Your Order Wrong – Shoot ‘Em,
Someone You Think Strong – Shoot ‘Em.

If They Cut In Line – Shoot ‘Em,
When They Spill Their Wine – Shoot ‘Em.

Won’t Support Your View – Shoot ‘Em,
Hair Served In Your Stew – Shoot ‘Em.

Offends You With A Joke – Shoot ‘Em,
Just Ran Out Of Coke – Shoot ‘Em.

Stuck In Traffic Jams – Shoot ‘Em,
Too Much God And Dams – Shoot ‘Em.

Stepping On Your Shoes – Shoot ‘Em,
Wakes You From A Snooze – Shoot ‘Em.

Toilet Seat Left Up – Shoot ‘Em,
No Refill In Cup – Shoot ‘Em.

Drops Milk On The Floor – Shoot ‘Em,
Passengers Who Snore – Shoot ‘Em.

Breaks Your Pencil Lead – Shoot ‘Em,
Don’t Make Up Their Bed – Shoot ‘Em.

Cull Through Every Face – Shoot ‘Em,
Build A Master Race – Shoot ‘Em.

Absurd Evolves To Heard – Root ‘Em.



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