What if We were all Mind Readers?

What if We were all Mind Readers,
turn our Brains to Info Eaters.
With this Gift there’s Problems Sure,
work them Out and We’ll Endure.

If we’re Walking in A Crowd,
reading Minds could get Too Loud.
We’d have Something we Now Lack,
small Antenna’s in Our Back.

Could direct To one’s We Want,
to their Mind a Little Jaunt.
When we’ve Had enough Of That,
turn it to Another Chat.

There must Be defense Of Kind,
if Don’t want One in Your Mind.
Close your Eyes to your Head Bar,
Antenna’s ‘quipped with Keen Radar.

See a Problem with A Wink,
not as Much as you Might Think.
You will Keep them tied In Knots,
only Read half of Your Thoughts.

And of Course there are Your Dreams,
saved for You in Direct Streams.
In your Head this Little Cube,
play at Will – your Own YouTube.

Given God Ideas Before,
now I’m adding Just One More.
For the Living Must Commit,
to one Act Of Retrofit.


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