Golfing Fish

I don’t Golf but That don’t Matter,
got Ideas like the Mad Hatter.
Genetics here Would be the Key,
Gift to Golfers would be Free.

Take the Best from All the Fish,
collect Them in a Petri Dish.
Here the Magic I Release,
to Create my Masterpiece.

Place in Hazards that are Wet,
ain’t no Way they’ll Be a Threat.
Do their Job with no Fanfare,
collect All Balls that Land in There.

Clean them Up just Like New,
special Coating added Too.
Lay them in Collection Spots,
Back again for Errand Shots

Another feature I’d put In,
A functioning Repelling Fin.
Bugs, and Snakes, and Crocodiles,
not be Seen for Miles and Miles.

Might change Golf as It’s played Now,
and I’ll let You know Just How.
Treat your Balls with Extra Swish,
so They’ll be Cleaned by Golfing Fish.


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