George the Green Pepper

Only with Greenies were His perfect Match.
Green all Around him In this Sheltered Patch.
His world rather Small but Really no Care,
Comfort in Green around Everywhere.

Then Judgement Day his World came Apart,
Shipped off to Market in a Greenies Cart.
The shock of His Life – this Young Greenie Fellow,
Others were There – Red, Orange, and Yellow.

How can this Be – They don’t look like Me,
Wanted to Jump and Run to be Free.
So why Didn’t He – this question sure Begs,
The simplest of Answers – He didn’t have Legs.

Horrors of Horrors was Put in a Crate,
With one of Each Color – and This set his Fate.
What to do Now – Only Greenie around,
Decided to Sit and Wear a Big Frown.

What’s up with you George – we’re Equal for Sure,
Only difference Between is that We’re more Mature.
But you are a Pepper just Like we all Are,
The fact We’re together – Not really Bazaar.

They moved On in Silence toward Kitchen so Big,
Amazed by this Place – now Up for the Gig.
They saw There some Chicken, some Beef, and much More.
Becoming Stuffed Peppers was What was in Store.

Now looking Grand – a Table for Kings,
Surrounded by Dip and Buffalo Wings.
George was Astounded and Then came of Age,
We’re different yet Peppers – the Same at this Stage.


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