When did it Happen – this Dreadful Attack,
MY HANDS – they were taken and I WANT THEM BACK!!!!
Not sure If on Purpose or Just being Cute,
What Gave me in Place – Ain’t no Substitute.

The HANDS I remember weren’t Gifted as Such,
But Worked for me Well – Looked good in a Clutch.
Were straight and were Strong and Up to the Task,
Performed as I Wanted – do Just as I Ask.

But what I Got now are Cooked and Sore,
And each Ugly Knuckle don’t work Anymore.
The Spots that are There I’d sure Like to Ban,
Guess what I’ve become is Pokey-dot Man.

I look at Them now – the HANDS that were Switched,
And Wonder out loud If I am Bewitched?
I look Farther up but Try not to Dwell,
Seems That my ARMS were Stolen as Well!!!

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