God’s Prostate

Way back When the World Began,
God worked Hard to create “Man.”
As ideas from Him were Sprung,
must Have Been extremely Young.

Spry and Strong – feeling his Oats,
sure would Like to see his Notes.
Prostate – Smostate, After Thought,
Haste makes Waste and now he’s Caught.

Time has Passed – Billions of Years,
Age has Rearranged his Gears.
a Walnut Gland is now a Felon,
and Feels like a Watermelon.

Perhaps can’t Sleep throughout the Night,
and Many Trips to drain it Right.
Plus the Drips that Dot his Wear,
and Cannot sit through Angel’s Prayer.

No explanation Makes much Sense,
except for One – I will Condense.
Prostate’s not There because you See,
God’s a “She” and not a “He.”

A Cause

Everybody needs a Cause,
to get Behind with some Applause.
Raise those Banners – wave those Signs,
don’t Set it Out on “Thee” Sidelines.

I’ve thought it Out and here’s my Stand,
I give you Choice of either Hand.
If you’re Out or just at Home,
join my Cause – I’m so Alone.

Reach for the Stars – I say Why Not?
28 Amend – we’ve got a Shot.
TP to law – maybe this Autumn,
roll from the Top – never the Bottom.

The Five-Second Rule

Five Second Rule most surely Stalls,
depending On just Where it Falls.
Take more Time just to Mull,
if Fell into the Toilet Bowl.

Not a Place I’d want to Dig,
if Flew straight into someone’s Wig.
Would not be a Stroke of Luck,
if Landed in a Garbage Truck.

Would you Hesitate a Bit,
if Dropped into a Tiger Pit?
Perhaps you Would take Extra Time,
if Ended up in Smelly Slim?

Caviar to Plain Hog Dogs,
even Legs from big Bull Frogs.
No matter Where the Parcel Lands,
go with your Gut and not your Hands.

Want to have Creds?

Want to have Creds then Delay the Dead’s,
experience Stores life’s Facts in our Heads.
No need for Schooling – No need for Books,
live Long enough – you Get second Looks.

So put out that Ciggy – cut back on the Beer,
walk ‘stead of Ride to reduce your Rear.
Make healthy Choices from this Moment on,
you might Still be Here when Others have Gone.

History is Written from Day to Day,
if asked in the Future you can truly say,
to Those with no Clue you’ll be sure to Know,
there Truly was something They called “The Gong Show.”

Ode to “American Bandstand”

Got good Beat – can Dance to It,

get High Score – might be a Hit?
American Bandstand – early Days,
Black and White – my loyal Gaze.

Girls Together – no big Fuss,
things sure Changed in Sixty Plus.
Fell in Love right in my Den,
many Times at age of Ten.

Envied those who Danced away,
still have Memories to this day.
Wonder where they All are Now?
Here or Gone – I give a Bow!

Not sure Really what’s an Ode?
past Polliwog – not yet Toad?


Want to be Noncommittal?
Straddle Fences – Gain Acquittal?
Answer all with just “No-es,”
my Word rhyming with Finesse

No need for the Fifth Amendment,
it’s a Way to Circumvent,
neither “Yes” or neither “No,”
Guilty is not Apropos.

Use the Word as you see Fit,
confidence It will Emit.
When in Doubt you can Address,
any Question with “No-es.”