Unintended Consequence

It’s the Place he Likes to Roam,
‘cause it’s Heaven and his Home.
God does Things at Times up There,
that Falls on Us and Everywhere.

If he Suffers from a Cold,
Humidifier’s in the Fold.
Coming down With little Sizzle,
Dreary Days with pesky Drizzle.

Turning Sprinklers on his Lawn,
from the Night ‘til Early Dawn.
Through the Night we All will Gain,
Benefits of Steady Rain.

But there’s One at our Expense,
an Unintended Consequence.
When his Actions take a Toll,
as he Drains his Toilet Bowl.

(This here Rhyme’s been In my Head,
glad to Place it here Instead.)

“Sneeze Power”

Have you Ever just to Please,
tried to Stifle a Big Sneeze.
Hold your Nose – Water your Eyes,
Plugged up Ears, which Is not Wise.

I have Lived past Seven-two,
Experience screams a Redo.
can’t go Back though that’d be Nice,
So I offer this Advice.

At a Meeting or a Bar,
take a Chance – Make you a Star.
Doesn’t matter What the Hour,
Impress them All with your “Sneeze Power.”

(Let one Rip a while Ago,
feel much Better now you Know)

“Have You Fallen?”

“Have You Fallen?” they all Say,
at my Age it’s Just the Way,
How the Doctor’s Visits go,
as my Years advance and Grow.

Guess I know Just what they Mean,
on my Butt or In-between.
But they Never Specify,
Interpretations I Apply:

For my Wife of 50 Years,
Every day through Laughs and Tears.

For the B.S. that they Spew,
Politicians Through and Through.

For that Puppy in the Cage,
melting Hearts at any Age.

For that Product on the Tube,
You must Buy or be a Boob.

For that Person in the Movie,
who Relates as being Groovy.

For the Myth that’s quite Complex,
that Everyone is Having Sex.

For the Line that’s just a Lie,
Life is Like a Cherry Pie.

“Have You Fallen?” next time In,
I might Answer without Spin.
Interpretation kind of Lends,
to my Answer – “It Depends.”

I lost My Gummy Bear

Had Myself a Gummy Bear,
then I Lost it – Don’t know Where?
Nothing out There to Prepare,
for that Loss – It’s so Unfair.

I was Then in Deep Despair,
there Was nothing to Repair,
what I Felt was so Unfair,
Challenging my Own Welfare.

So I sought my Favorite Chair,
Fell to Sleep so Unaware,
that I’d have a Bad Nightmare,
Wake Up with a Startled Stare.

Drifting Off it wasn’t There,
Sun and Bear now Earthenware.
Though the Lost I did now Snare,
Alas, it Changed to Gummy Hair!

McDonalds French Fries can Grow Hair

McDonald’s French Fries can grow Hair,
on your Head or Anywhere?
Saw it On the News Today,
must be True to Come that Way!

Eye Brows, Ear Lobes, even Legs,
Self-Creation what this Begs.
Assuming that You have to Munch,
Super-Size and Quite a Bunch?

If good for Inside why not Out?
tape It where want Hair to Sprout.
Wear with Pride on Front or Back,
take a Break when Want to Snack.

If good for French Fries why not Meat?
including Big Mac’s would be Neat.
they Could make those Washboard Abs,
from Paunchy Guts to Rock Hard Slabs.

McDonald’s here’s What you should Do,
my Idea and Just for You.
a sure Hit and without Peril,
Clothing Line – McTent Apparel.

This is So nobody Knows,
if it’s Abs or Gut that Grows.
tape Big Mac’s or Woof them Down,
they’ll Never Know – You got the Gown.

I see This as a Win-Win Case,
Fries and Burgers every Place.
No reason For this Wave to Halt,
stop BO with Chocolate Malt.





“Super Duper Geezerettes”

Super Duper Geezerettes,
Have their Own Unique Assets.
I’m just Stating long known Facts,
stops Old Geezers in their Tracks.

Geezers pain – There ain’t no Way,
Pains in the Butt they Just might Say.
Dirty Jokes – Keeping Score?
Call it Out and Raise one More.

Brag about Their own Grandkids,
Embellishments no one Forbids.
Outlive Geezers is this Case,
can Adapt to any Place.

Speak their Minds with Charm and Wit,
when At times they Want to Spit.
Complain but Try to Keep it Light,
but Never back Down from a Fight.

Suppose to Be the Fairer Sex,
though Talents are a Multiplex.
Find things Geezers can Misplace,
Right in Front of Their stunned Face.

Geezers sometime Want to Strut,
with Everything there Is a “But.”
Geezerettes the Crown for Staking,
Little Geezers in the Making.

“Super Geezers”

Super Geezers – Just some Teasers
Civilities rambunctious Sneezers.
Belch at any Time of Day,
no Concerns of What they Say

Have no Time for Politics,
Pick their Noses just for Kicks.
Speak their Minds without a Care,
take a Nap most Anywhere.

Cranky if They want to Be,
Dirty Jokes and Laugh with Glee.
Dot to Dot on their Age Spots,
Hide their Trash in Flower Pots.

Reminisce of Fond years Past,
answer Questions never Asked.
Complain about the Younger Age,
Read a Book to Feel the Page.

Thumb through Photos in their Hand,
Skip the Meals if they’re Bland.
Talk about their Aches and Pains,
to Heck with Staying in their Lanes.

Super Geezers have the Power,
Certainly their Place and Hour.
what Remains is Up to You,
Do just what You want to Do.