My Cell Phone History

My first Cell Phone was a Brick, Had the Size and Just as Think. Next a Flip Phone on the Docket, I could Put it in my Pocket. A Smaller Flip then Soon to Ring, But kept Losing the Darn Thing. Blackberry is What came up Next, Great to Talk and to Text. iPhone then […]

My Alarm Clock

To get me Up I set the Thing, Then I dread When it will Ring. Agony is Self-Imposed, Insane Logic is Exposed. The Only case I Acquiesce, When I Wake up in a Mess, If the Time left on the Clock, Delays the Punishment of Shock. But the Thing that Jerks my Jaws, If I […]

The Crazy Bone

If you Hit your Crazy Bone, It might Put you in the Zone. Pain, to Numb, to Ting-hell-ling, Swear Words from your Mouth might Sing. Evolution true or Not, Pros and Cons they Can be Fought. Evidence is What you Need, So your Point of View can Plead. I believe the Body’s Changed, Some folks […]

Progression of a Bad Idea

An Idea pops into my Head, Added features Then are Bred. Stirred around Into the Mix, Humor and some Funny Quips. This is Oh So very Clever, Certainly a Prime Endeavor. Words are Swirling – Rhyming In, Excited to Let it Begin. Mind is Able and not Shirking, Comfort in that It’s still Working. Time […]

Never too Old to Impregnate

Did my Homework as I Should, To Insure I’m awesome Good. Pictured what was Best for Me, Positioning seems really Key. Checked the Calendar and Date, Must be Today – It just can’t Wait. Just relax and Take it Slow, Let the Preparations Flow. Powered up so Very Much, Fertilizer, Mulch, and Such. To be […]

Three Weeks

This is how Three Weeks shows, Since the Crater by my Nose. Eye looks Like a Glove Collision, In a Ten Round Split Decision. Got a Reverse Elvis Sneer, I’m not Him that Fact is Clear. Though I truly Feel the Blues, Have misplaced my Blue Suede Shoes. Got inverted “Y Thing” going, Added Feature […]

For our Mail Carrier

I am a Champion Procrastinator when it comes to anything associated with assembly, repair, or replace.  I had put off replacing our mailbox for a long time until my wife marched me to the store and bought a new one.  Then I was given the detestable task of assembling and installing the thing.  After completion […]

My Diminishing Brain Cells

From the Things I Read and Hear, At my Age – Depressing Fear. Some Brain Cells – Already Gone, Out the Door – Beyond the Lawn? So I have to make a Plan, Remaining Cells they All must Ban. So it’s Not an Aberration, Task goes to Imagination. Perhaps just Give them What they Crave, […]

You are Da Man

You are Da Man so in Command, When it’s your Plan to just Demand, For all to Fan a sad Dreamland, So you can Ban and not Expand, Beyond the Span of your Brass Band, And how you Ran a trite Newsstand, ‘Til you can’t Pan or not Remand, The end is Tan in deep […]