Whiter Teeth to Proud Extender, Lighter Beer to Younger Render. Love Them, Hate Them, In-between, now a Part of Life’s Cuisine. How long Have they been Around? Surely long as Sight and Sound. ‘Bout time for a Whistle Blower, started With an Apple Grower. Had an Orchard just called Eden, not sure Where – perhaps […]


Hemorrhoids – Don’t be Annoyed, You strained Hard – should be Enjoyed.  Embarrassment – no Need to Hide, You built from Scratch – Wear with Pride.    Constipation – Nasty Word, Easy Peasy is Preferred. Slide things Out without a Hitch, But sometimes Can be a Glitch.   Don’t despair You’re not Alone, as You […]

Clumsy Clean-Up Job

Like the News to Know what’s Up, so I’m not a Clueless Schlup. Heard the Term on Early News, at a Time with Not much Views. The Anchor said It to Demean, a Member of the Pres’ Team. But my Brain changed It a Bit, to What’s occurred or ‘Bout to Hit. As for “Clumsy […]

“Cut the Cheese”

“Cut the Cheese” – you’ve Heard the Term, might Make even Some to Squirm. Love the Smell – the Feel to It, don’t Dislike a single Bit! Make no Diff who Cuts it First, a Tiny slice or One big Burst. At the Deli or the Store, always Leaves me wanting More. Feta, Swiss, or […]


At my Age the morning Brings, Ecstasy at Potty Rings. Lift the Lid as I’ve been Taught, is a Battle never Fought. As I Ponder half way Through, was There anything I knew, to Make me Stop exactly Then, and Somewhat later start Again? Broken Dam – Fire Hose, bad Examples I Suppose. Burglars, Storms, […]

Second Helpings

Second Helpings – Pig or Not, Guess Depends on What you Got? It’s right There in Front of you, Big Decisions – What to Do? Burgers, French Fries, Favorite Brew, Ice Cream, Cookies, Irish Stew. Lobster, Chocolate, Fine Tex Mex, Roast Beef, Gravy, even Sex. Go with Gusto for the Gold, Brave and Strong and […]

“Fit Bit”

Got me a Fit Bit, Keep me a Bit Fit, Make sure don’t Sit, Like sorry Nitwit, Who’s prone to Flit, To foods that Hit, My gut’s Cockpit, Pants that could Split, Even though Double Knit, Yet still Permit, Jewels that make It, Outside slight Slit, Can’t really Omit That I’d Commit, To try Refit, […]

“The First”

The First to Walk. The First to Talk. The First to Put on Their own Sock. The First to Learn. The First to Yearn. The First to Seek a Dollar Earn. The First to Five. The First to Drive. The First to Challenge and to Thrive. The First to Wed. The First to Dread. The […]