Double-Jointed ain’t a Term, That some Doctors hold as Firm. Hypermotion some Might Say, Joints directing The wrong Way. This Condition is a Trick, Conceited Folks just might Pick. Pump themselves up With a Whack, Patting hard Upon their Back. Accolades bestowed by “ME,” Greatest One but They might See, As they Strut at Bloated […]

Shoot ‘Em

Let’s Arm Everyone – Shoot ‘Em, Rifle, Pistol, Gun – Shoot ‘Em. Take Guns All Away – Shoot ‘Em, Amendment Use And Say – Shoot ‘Em. Got Your Order Wrong – Shoot ‘Em, Someone You Think Strong – Shoot ‘Em. If They Cut In Line – Shoot ‘Em, When They Spill Their Wine – Shoot […]

“Sneeze Power”

Have you Ever just to Please, tried to Stifle a Big Sneeze. Hold your Nose – Water your Eyes, Plugged up Ears, which Is not Wise. I have Lived past Seven-two, Experience screams a Redo. can’t go Back though that’d be Nice, So I offer this Advice. At a Meeting or a Bar, take a […]

“The Secret Life of Bobber Witty”

Dreamt I blasted Off to Space, but That’s really Not the Case. Made me Write this little Ditty, “Secret Life of Bobber Witty.” Final shot to Win the Game, Roaring Lions I would Tame. be that Dashing Leading Man, help Old Ladies when I Can. I would broker Worldwide Peace, cure for Cancer I’d Release. […]

Mood Swings

Mother Nature’s not Demure, swings from Perfume to Manure. Paradise to Tragic Mess, her Bad Moods sure cause Distress. Toothaches, Migraines, missing Sleep, when She’s angry it ain’t Cheap. Perhaps the Answer’s not a Drug, let’s Just try a Simple Hug. I would Be the First to Give, but Where does Mother Nature Live?

Left or Right?

Left or Right – Right or Wrong, Feelings Slight or Feelings Strong. Strapping pants On in this Case, or Something else In their Place. Shoes or Armpits – Politics, labels to It can Affix. Decisions Made – Live with Them, Consequences for sure Stem. Pants are Old just like Me, Experience is What I See. […]

Clumsy Clean-Up Job

Like the News to Know what’s Up, so I’m not a Clueless Schlup. Heard the Term on Early News, at a Time with Not much Views. The Anchor said It to Demean, a Member of the Pres’ Team. But my Brain changed It a Bit, to What’s occurred or ‘Bout to Hit. As for “Clumsy […]

“The First”

The First to Walk. The First to Talk. The First to Put on Their own Sock. The First to Learn. The First to Yearn. The First to Seek a Dollar Earn. The First to Five. The First to Drive. The First to Challenge and to Thrive. The First to Wed. The First to Dread. The […]