Why use Cups when Got the Holder, couldn’t State it any Bolder. Directly to Your mouth can Feed, Longer straw is All you Need. Lemons into Lemonade, great Ideas from Goofs are Made. Spilled my Drink and said, “Oh dear,” then Though I’ve got something Here. Pets would Like it for a Lick, Swimming Fish […]

The War going on in my Mouth

My Teeth and Mouth don’t get Along, just Can’t figure What is Wrong? Don’t know Why they Have to Fight? out of Nowhere want to Bite. Attack the Tongue and then Cheek, even Lip Strike seem to Seek. Drawing Blood whenever Can, think It’s part of their War Plan. Sore for Days and even Then, […]

“Sneeze Power”

Have you Ever just to Please, tried to Stifle a Big Sneeze. Hold your Nose – Water your Eyes, Plugged up Ears, which Is not Wise. I have Lived past Seven-two, Experience screams a Redo. can’t go Back though that’d be Nice, So I offer this Advice. At a Meeting or a Bar, take a […]


You can Buy at any Time, It’s just “$19.99.” If you Want to Seal the Deal, let’s Talk turkey – Make it Real. Start by Cutting TV Ads, Money saved Will be in Scads. Hawk your Products and for Free, Word of Mouth and Start with Me. You can Trust this – nothing Blurred, Pass […]

From a “Lotto Loser” to the “Lotto Lords”

“Not a Winner” – how Depressing, Lots of Losers I am Guessing. If you Play the Lottery, those Three Words the Most you See. This is For the Lotto Lords, who Control the Lotto Boards, Rhymers will Sure help you Out, a Win/Win – Give them a Shout. They are Cleaver – They are Bright, […]

Second Helpings

Second Helpings – Pig or Not, Guess Depends on What you Got? It’s right There in Front of you, Big Decisions – What to Do? Burgers, French Fries, Favorite Brew, Ice Cream, Cookies, Irish Stew. Lobster, Chocolate, Fine Tex Mex, Roast Beef, Gravy, even Sex. Go with Gusto for the Gold, Brave and Strong and […]

“Fit Bit”

Got me a Fit Bit, Keep me a Bit Fit, Make sure don’t Sit, Like sorry Nitwit, Who’s prone to Flit, To foods that Hit, My gut’s Cockpit, Pants that could Split, Even though Double Knit, Yet still Permit, Jewels that make It, Outside slight Slit, Can’t really Omit That I’d Commit, To try Refit, […]

Doing Nothing

Some think me a Lazy Slob, turn into a Big Fat Blob. But I’m really in my Prime, Doing Nothing with my Time. It takes Lots of Energy, to be Deemed as Slovenly, and Become the Addressee, “Best of Nothing Nominee.” Hear Them say, “Don’t Waste It Man,” you can Rest in Death’s Long Span. […]