“The Break Wind Symphony”

Enjoy Relief’s Epitome, with “The Break Wind Symphony.” Silent Notes up to Extreme, Folks Alive know What I Mean. Proudly it’s Your own Creation, Praise should Be through the Duration. Crudely might Be called a Fart, Shame ‘cause it’s a True Mozart. Even if a Masterpiece, Swallow Pride and Be at Peace. In a Crowd […]

Sex in Seconds Flat

As I watch “Early” TV, mix of Products what I see. K-Y advertises That, can have Sex in Seconds Flat Guess there’s Reason for the Rush, demanding Lives seem to Crush. As I sit Here at my Age, “Seconds” reach another Stage. Like when Joints start to Lock, Cable News I want to Block. Reading […]

Long, Long Hair – Long, Gone Hair

Long, Long Hair ‘til almost Nine, Long, Gone Hair this Gem of Mine. Was a Time when She was Small, now She’s growing very Tall. Time goes Slow – then Time goes Fast, plead the Memories to Last. As She’s making Life’s Impact, hope my Marbles stay Intact.


Why use Cups when Got the Holder, couldn’t State it any Bolder. Directly to Your mouth can Feed, Longer straw is All you Need. Lemons into Lemonade, great Ideas from Goofs are Made. Spilled my Drink and said, “Oh dear,” then Though I’ve got something Here. Pets would Like it for a Lick, Swimming Fish […]

The Channel Surfers Antitrust

Channel Surfers – a Lost Breed? Gadgets now – What’s the Need? Proudly state That I am One, Networks sure do Spoil the Fun. Commercials pay For what I View, still Don’t like Them – Nothing New. One comes On – I grab my Panel, Another’s on the Other Channel! So I Guess I’ve had […]