“The Secret Life of Bobber Witty”

Dreamt I blasted Off to Space, but That’s really Not the Case. Made me Write this little Ditty, “Secret Life of Bobber Witty.” Final shot to Win the Game, Roaring Lions I would Tame. be that Dashing Leading Man, help Old Ladies when I Can. I would broker Worldwide Peace, cure for Cancer I’d Release. […]

Three for Small and Three for Big

Know what I could really Dig, Three for Small and Three for Big. Wishes given To us All, Your choice Big – Your choice Small. Magic Lamps – no Recognition, kept to “Three” as a Tradition. Anytime that You see Fit, throughout Life you just Submit. Wishes solely to Dispute, what Some call our Birthday […]

My Bachelor Party (the night before) to My Wedding Day (50+ years ago)

M-A-R-R-I-A-G-E “M” is For the “Many” beers I poured into Me. “A” is For the “Altar” I Could barely See. “R” is For the “Real” fear what’s Churnin’ down Below. “R” is For the “Ribs” and Smirks hoping I might Blow “I” is For the “Impact” as she Came my Way. “A” is For the […]


Too many Cooks can Spoil the Kitchen, too much Strain can Tear the Stichin’. Too much Rain can Cause a Flood, too many Pigs can Spread the Mud. Too much Hair can Clog the Drain, too much Booze can Cause some Pain. Too many Prunes can Lead to Runs, too much Mold can Spoil the […]


“Wattle” you Going to Do, when Age sneaks Up on You. Gravity takes its Toll, sagging Jowls you can’t Control. Fight it Every single Inch, surely use a “Wattle Winch.” Shore it Up with Masking Tape, perhaps Back to a Younger Shape. Maybe just Embrace it All, as “Wattle Creep” starts to Sprawl. When your […]