English Expressions????

I am Not the First who Questions, Meaning of English Expressions???? If you Keep an “Open Mind,” Brains fall Out and Hard to Find. “Penny for Your Thoughts” seems Light, “Two Cents Worth” reply is Slight. Why do People yell “Heads Up,” when Mostly they Want you to Duck? “Win Hands Down” or Loose Hands […]


People live in Different Places, most of Us have Different Faces. China, Egypt, U.S.A., Sweden, Turkey, Paraguay. Poland, Chile, Canada, Norway, Ghana, Malaysia. Different cultures – Different land, sometimes Hard to Understand, why We can’t All get Along? What is right? What is wrong? People truly Are the Same, actually it’s Got a Name, Old […]

Four-letter Words

Four-letter Words are nothing new, unfairly Branded by a Few, the Only Ones seen Acting Bad, all others Suffer – that’s so Sad. Back, Jack, Beer, Best, Cold, Coke, Cash, Test, Drum, Drop, Fair, Rest, Fine, Fork, Goat, Pest. Hang, Home, Kiss, Heat, Luck, Loud, Mass, Beet, Moon, Moss, Nose, Feet, Ooze, Park, Pour, Neat. […]

“Burma Shave” Signs

          Those who’ve Passed a Certain Age, might Remember Roadside Rage. Not the Kind that Made you Mad, now they’re Gone and It’s just Sad. Well before the Internet, was their Talent – Yes you Bet. Rhyming with a Sense of Humor, for Everyone – Not just Consumer. Driving down a […]


WORDS – they Make the World go ‘round, written Down or Made of Sound. Language is a Party Pooper, if Understood that would be Super! Though I Know I’m Just a Minion, no one Asked for my Opinion. Converse with All around our Globe, if Came with a Translation Lobe. Got four Now – why […]

God’s Prostate

Way back When the World Began, God worked Hard to create “Man.” As ideas from Him were Sprung, must Have Been extremely Young. Spry and Strong – feeling his Oats, sure would Like to see his Notes. Prostate – Smostate, After Thought, Haste makes Waste and now he’s Caught. Time has Passed – Billions of […]

A Cause

Everybody needs a Cause, to get Behind with some Applause. Raise those Banners – wave those Signs, don’t Set it Out on “Thee” Sidelines. I’ve thought it Out and here’s my Stand, I give you Choice of either Hand. If you’re Out or just at Home, join my Cause – I’m so Alone. Reach for […]