Subliminal Messages – Pure B.S.

Subject to Some real Proof, Limited now To a Spoof. Including me As in the Dark, Always seems to Miss the Mark. Read it’s ‘bout Perception Level, This no Reason all should Revel. Rhyme or In just simple Prose, Please don’t Fall within it’s Throes.

I still have Hair

Got few Teeth left in my Mouth, other Parts are headed South. Painless days are Kind of Rare, but at Least I still have Hair. Spend more Time to take a Leak, knees when Bending start to Creak. Pills that Most days Fill my Hand, doctors Trips that Are not Planned. Marching close to Seven-three, […]

A “One Word Day”

Is there a Way to get Together, Rain or Shine or any Weather. To decide if There’s a Way, to Create a “One Word Day?” Speak it Out – Put it on Signs, Write on Shirts even Behinds. Any Language that your Choose, there’d Be just No Way to Lose. No Concern for Duplications, it […]

Shoot ‘Em

Let’s Arm Everyone – Shoot ‘Em, Rifle, Pistol, Gun – Shoot ‘Em. Take Guns All Away – Shoot ‘Em, Amendment Use And Say – Shoot ‘Em. Got Your Order Wrong – Shoot ‘Em, Someone You Think Strong – Shoot ‘Em. If They Cut In Line – Shoot ‘Em, When They Spill Their Wine – Shoot […]

Unintended Consequence

It’s the Place he Likes to Roam, ‘cause it’s Heaven and his Home. God does Things at Times up There, that Falls on Us and Everywhere. If he Suffers from a Cold, Humidifier’s in the Fold. Coming down With little Sizzle, Dreary Days with pesky Drizzle. Turning Sprinklers on his Lawn, from the Night ‘til […]