What you should Shut Down – What you should not Shut Down

Things you should Shut Down: Toilet Bowl that Overflows, Snot that’s Dripping from you Nose. Lights whenever Leave a Room, Bathroom Door to halt the Fume. Phones though Left to some Debate, so Pets don’t Roam – the Backyard Gate. Eyelids so That you can Sleep, Tunes so Hearing you will Keep. Things you should […]


You can Buy at any Time, It’s just “$19.99.” If you Want to Seal the Deal, let’s Talk turkey – Make it Real. Start by Cutting TV Ads, Money saved Will be in Scads. Hawk your Products and for Free, Word of Mouth and Start with Me. You can Trust this – nothing Blurred, Pass […]

Where does Santa take a Whiz?

Where does Santa take a Whiz? this is My first Christmas Quiz. Place your Answers straight Below, be Descriptive if you Know. To stay Awake he Must drink Coffee, maybe Chew on NoDoz Toffee? How ‘bout 5 Hour Energy? at some Time he Has to Pee. His schedule Seems to Be quite Tight, tough To […]

From a “Lotto Loser” to the “Lotto Lords”

“Not a Winner” – how Depressing, Lots of Losers I am Guessing. If you Play the Lottery, those Three Words the Most you See. This is For the Lotto Lords, who Control the Lotto Boards, Rhymers will Sure help you Out, a Win/Win – Give them a Shout. They are Cleaver – They are Bright, […]

What am I Worth?

I view Me a Common Schmuck, just Like same and With some Luck, I ground Out a Common Wage, Retirement is Now my Stage. Did the Things was Supposed to Do, save some Bucks – Insurance Too. My family Would not go Broke, if One day I up and Croke. Now the Income’s kind of […]

Mood Swings

Mother Nature’s not Demure, swings from Perfume to Manure. Paradise to Tragic Mess, her Bad Moods sure cause Distress. Toothaches, Migraines, missing Sleep, when She’s angry it ain’t Cheap. Perhaps the Answer’s not a Drug, let’s Just try a Simple Hug. I would Be the First to Give, but Where does Mother Nature Live?

I’m changing my AGE

Has the Fountain of Youth got You in a Bind? Some who might Say it’s just State of Mind. Perception is Key to Reality Be, I’ve got the Answer that’s Working for Me. Dogs have it Ruff when Racking up Years, Seven to One don’t Bring many Cheers. “Decades” the Counter that I’m going With, […]

Left or Right?

Left or Right – Right or Wrong, Feelings Slight or Feelings Strong. Strapping pants On in this Case, or Something else In their Place. Shoes or Armpits – Politics, labels to It can Affix. Decisions Made – Live with Them, Consequences for sure Stem. Pants are Old just like Me, Experience is What I See. […]


People live in Different Places, most of Us have Different Faces. China, Egypt, U.S.A., Sweden, Turkey, Paraguay. Poland, Chile, Canada, Norway, Ghana, Malaysia. Different cultures – Different land, sometimes Hard to Understand, why We can’t All get Along? What is right? What is wrong? People truly Are the Same, actually it’s Got a Name, Old […]