“The First”

The First to Walk. The First to Talk. The First to Put on Their own Sock. The First to Learn. The First to Yearn. The First to Seek a Dollar Earn. The First to Five. The First to Drive. The First to Challenge and to Thrive. The First to Wed. The First to Dread. The […]

“Get More”

“Get More” covers Lots of Things, from Exercise to Red Hot Wings. Sex is Clearly at the Top, for Some it Might be ‘til you Drop. Money is Where some take Aim, or Maybe it’s just Worldwide Fame. Sleep and Shoes and Disease Cures, Friends and Cars and Scenic Tours. For me It would be […]

“Bad Brain Bats!!!!”

Many thoughts Fly through your Head, from Time you’re Born until you’re Dead. Disease’s I would Like to Stall, the Ones when there’s No Thoughts at All. It’s scary Stuff to Not know You, or Have Control of What you Do. As I’m inching Up in Years, this Is one of My Biggest Fears. Something […]

Want to have Creds?

Want to have Creds then Delay the Dead’s, experience Stores life’s Facts in our Heads. No need for Schooling – No need for Books, live Long enough – you Get second Looks. So put out that Ciggy – cut back on the Beer, walk ‘stead of Ride to reduce your Rear. Make healthy Choices from […]

“Gimmie Shelter” – 1969

  Haunting Song – Rolling Stones, Repressed Thoughts – Make no Bones. I was Drafted – Did not Run, Hell for Some – Just Begun. Love this Tune – Don’t know Why, Times I Listen – Want to Cry. Was no Hero – Conscious Try, But I Served – Did not Die. Genius Intro – […]

How to Cheat Death

Want to Hold Off the Grim Reaper? Here’s Advice that is a Keeper. Situation Birthing It, all my Suits no longer Fit. Wore one Almost every Day, in my World that was the Way. Since I left the Hustle-Bustle, ‘round my Waist I’ve grown more Muscle. Death, for sure, Can’t be Addressed, If not look […]