McDonalds French Fries can Grow Hair

McDonald’s French Fries can grow Hair, on your Head or Anywhere? Saw it On the News Today, must be True to Come that Way! Eye Brows, Ear Lobes, even Legs, Self-Creation what this Begs. Assuming that You have to Munch, Super-Size and Quite a Bunch? If good for Inside why not Out? tape It where […]

“The Secret Life of Bobber Witty”

Dreamt I blasted Off to Space, but That’s really Not the Case. Made me Write this little Ditty, “Secret Life of Bobber Witty.” Final shot to Win the Game, Roaring Lions I would Tame. be that Dashing Leading Man, help Old Ladies when I Can. I would broker Worldwide Peace, cure for Cancer I’d Release. […]

Vegetables – Doomed from the Start

“Eat your Vegetables or No Desert,” started Young – did not Convert. The smell Alone – a Casserole, floating Peas – it Took its Toll. Stewed Tomatoes and Cream Corn, Cooking Cabbage gone Airborne. Brussel Sprouts – Asparagus, if did not Puke it Was a Plus. No amount of Camouflage, could Provide the right Mirage. […]

Equal Rights

Donuts are my Big Downfall, Filled or Not – Large or Small. Polish off in Nothing Flat, proudly Wear my “Donut Fat.” “Long Johns” are My favorite Choice, though Today I heard a Voice, as I Stared through Baker Panes, wondered Why there’s no “Long Janes?” So right Now let’s Start a Wave, stand with […]

Second Helpings

Second Helpings – Pig or Not, Guess Depends on What you Got? It’s right There in Front of you, Big Decisions – What to Do? Burgers, French Fries, Favorite Brew, Ice Cream, Cookies, Irish Stew. Lobster, Chocolate, Fine Tex Mex, Roast Beef, Gravy, even Sex. Go with Gusto for the Gold, Brave and Strong and […]

Ice Cream

If I could wish and live my dream, it surely would include Ice Cream. Eat it mornings ’til the night, great nutrition with each bite. Cookies, sprinkles, whipped cream too, building muscles with each chew. To cap it off with pure good luck, my ride would be an Ice Cream Truck!