“Super Shaker Carpet Cleaner”

Our Dog wakes with Bad Bed Hair, most Strands pointing Everywhere. A couple Shakes is just Enough, to bring Her to Her normal Fluff. Great ideas In strangest Places, most of Them from Common Faces. This will Change your Chore Demeanor, “Super Shaker Carpet Cleaner.” By Remote or Auto Set, shakes the Dirt out you […]

“Penny One”

“A” Penny from my Pocket Take, Future Difference could It Make, Give it To a Total Stranger, might be Social Rearranger? They then Add one cent to Mine, Pass two on at Any Time, ask to Add One don’t you See, the Pennies now Would number Three. Just add One to What you Get, pass […]

The Balls Family

The Balls – a Farming Family, lots of Land without a Tree. The family Almost going Broke, until their Young son Harry spoke, “Our land is Meant for fruit to Grow, and then the Benefits we’ll Sew.” plus He added this I Swear, “Grow a Pear and build from There.” Now they’re Known as Super […]

The Grant Tax Plan

If Pollution makes you Seethe, Tax the Air that we all Breathe, and to Show how Fair I Play, the More you Make the More you Pay. Before you Start to Scream and Shout, Sleeping would be a Time Out. To better Explain my Perception, Snoring might be the Exception. How Would I compute a […]