My Bachelor Party (the night before) to My Wedding Day (50+ years ago)

M-A-R-R-I-A-G-E “M” is For the “Many” beers I poured into Me. “A” is For the “Altar” I Could barely See. “R” is For the “Real” fear what’s Churnin’ down Below. “R” is For the “Ribs” and Smirks hoping I might Blow “I” is For the “Impact” as she Came my Way. “A” is For the […]


At my Age the morning Brings, Ecstasy at Potty Rings. Lift the Lid as I’ve been Taught, is a Battle never Fought. As I Ponder half way Through, was There anything I knew, to Make me Stop exactly Then, and Somewhat later start Again? Broken Dam – Fire Hose, bad Examples I Suppose. Burglars, Storms, […]

The First Day of Third Grade

Another year Has rolled Around, never Fails to me Astound. This Little Girl my Spirits Lift, I know That She’s a Precious Gift. Grandpa is what She calls Me, name me Grateful – I’d Agree. Hope she’ll Always understand, what Photos mean to this Old Man.

Spinning Butts

Some folks Just might Call me Crazy, hopefully Not known as Lazy. Sitting down Can be Relaxing, Spinning Butts is rather Taxing. My calm Face just a Veneer, Time and Space – they Disappear. Worries in my Life are Gone, I’m just Focused hanging On. Was too Young to ride Alone, Volunteered – so why […]

Train the Bugs

Known in these Parts – I’m “Lone Vacuum Geek,” ride Herd on our Carpets least Twice a Week. Rid our Home Range of Dog Hair and Dirt, points Scored with my Wife – it Really can’t Hurt. Like houses of Plenty can’t keep out the Bugs, despite all the Poisons and plenty of Drugs. Too […]

The Balls Family

The Balls – a Farming Family, lots of Land without a Tree. The family Almost going Broke, until their Young son Harry spoke, “Our land is Meant for fruit to Grow, and then the Benefits we’ll Sew.” plus He added this I Swear, “Grow a Pear and build from There.” Now they’re Known as Super […]