What if We were all Mind Readers?

What if We were all Mind Readers, turn our Brains to Info Eaters. With this Gift there’s Problems Sure, work them Out and We’ll Endure. If we’re Walking in A Crowd, reading Minds could get Too Loud. We’d have Something we Now Lack, small Antenna’s in Our Back. Could direct To one’s We Want, to […]

“The Secret Life of Bobber Witty”

Dreamt I blasted Off to Space, but That’s really Not the Case. Made me Write this little Ditty, “Secret Life of Bobber Witty.” Final shot to Win the Game, Roaring Lions I would Tame. be that Dashing Leading Man, help Old Ladies when I Can. I would broker Worldwide Peace, cure for Cancer I’d Release. […]

Natural Streamin’

Seems that an eventful night, led to what might be insight. Here I offer my summation, we’ve been streamin’ since creation. Dreams “stream” in while we’re asleep, to our minds they surely creep. Netflix can’t begin to match, that which in our brains we hatch. From Super Hero to Scaredy Cat, just like falling in […]