A Pacemaker?

The Pits to Face Reality, what Might be in Store for me. To keep Me from the Undertaker, might Install a darn Pacemaker. If I have to Get this Thing, might as Well come with Bling. it’s my Opinion in these Talks, Just install a small Boombox Rock is Used to Speed the Heart, Jazz […]

“The Secret Life of Bobber Witty”

Dreamt I blasted Off to Space, but That’s really Not the Case. Made me Write this little Ditty, “Secret Life of Bobber Witty.” Final shot to Win the Game, Roaring Lions I would Tame. be that Dashing Leading Man, help Old Ladies when I Can. I would broker Worldwide Peace, cure for Cancer I’d Release. […]

Vegetables – Doomed from the Start

“Eat your Vegetables or No Desert,” started Young – did not Convert. The smell Alone – a Casserole, floating Peas – it Took its Toll. Stewed Tomatoes and Cream Corn, Cooking Cabbage gone Airborne. Brussel Sprouts – Asparagus, if did not Puke it Was a Plus. No amount of Camouflage, could Provide the right Mirage. […]

What am I Worth?

I view Me a Common Schmuck, just Like same and With some Luck, I ground Out a Common Wage, Retirement is Now my Stage. Did the Things was Supposed to Do, save some Bucks – Insurance Too. My family Would not go Broke, if One day I up and Croke. Now the Income’s kind of […]

“Super Shaker Carpet Cleaner”

Our Dog wakes with Bad Bed Hair, most Strands pointing Everywhere. A couple Shakes is just Enough, to bring Her to Her normal Fluff. Great ideas In strangest Places, most of Them from Common Faces. This will Change your Chore Demeanor, “Super Shaker Carpet Cleaner.” By Remote or Auto Set, shakes the Dirt out you […]

I’m changing my AGE

Has the Fountain of Youth got You in a Bind? Some who might Say it’s just State of Mind. Perception is Key to Reality Be, I’ve got the Answer that’s Working for Me. Dogs have it Ruff when Racking up Years, Seven to One don’t Bring many Cheers. “Decades” the Counter that I’m going With, […]