The Most Meanings

English Words have “Run” Amuck, New Ones – Old Ones – Thunderstruck. “Play” your Hand which One to “Take,” “Set” or “Go” your Mind might “Break.” “Turn” to Those with Many Uses, “Up” to Now with Most Abuses. “Cut” some Slack to Those who Planned, Ten most Meanings on their “Hand.” “Run”, “Turn”, “Set”, “Go”, […]

George the Green Pepper

Only with Greenies were His perfect Match. Green all Around him In this Sheltered Patch. His world rather Small but Really no Care, Comfort in Green around Everywhere. Then Judgement Day his World came Apart, Shipped off to Market in a Greenies Cart. The shock of His Life – this Young Greenie Fellow, Others were […]


Double-Jointed ain’t a Term, That some Doctors hold as Firm. Hypermotion some Might Say, Joints directing The wrong Way. This Condition is a Trick, Conceited Folks just might Pick. Pump themselves up With a Whack, Patting hard Upon their Back. Accolades bestowed by “ME,” Greatest One but They might See, As they Strut at Bloated […]