“The Break Wind Symphony”

Enjoy Relief’s Epitome, with “The Break Wind Symphony.” Silent Notes up to Extreme, Folks Alive know What I Mean. Proudly it’s Your own Creation, Praise should Be through the Duration. Crudely might Be called a Fart, Shame ‘cause it’s a True Mozart. Even if a Masterpiece, Swallow Pride and Be at Peace. In a Crowd […]

Sex in Seconds Flat

As I watch “Early” TV, mix of Products what I see. K-Y advertises That, can have Sex in Seconds Flat Guess there’s Reason for the Rush, demanding Lives seem to Crush. As I sit Here at my Age, “Seconds” reach another Stage. Like when Joints start to Lock, Cable News I want to Block. Reading […]

Long, Long Hair – Long, Gone Hair

Long, Long Hair ‘til almost Nine, Long, Gone Hair this Gem of Mine. Was a Time when She was Small, now She’s growing very Tall. Time goes Slow – then Time goes Fast, plead the Memories to Last. As She’s making Life’s Impact, hope my Marbles stay Intact.