George the Green Pepper

Only with Greenies were His perfect Match. Green all Around him In this Sheltered Patch. His world rather Small but Really no Care, Comfort in Green around Everywhere. Then Judgement Day his World came Apart, Shipped off to Market in a Greenies Cart. The shock of His Life – this Young Greenie Fellow, Others were […]

“Speak Check”

The Algorithm called Spell Check, flags the Words and Saves my Neck, I can’t Spell to Save my Soul, the List is Deep – an Endless Hole. While I hear some People Talk, Mouth drops Open and I Gawk. As I watch Them insert Shoe, amazed don’t Think before they Do. “Speak Check” might Just […]

WORDS Diagonal

WORDS can sway what people do, some WORDS strange to me and you. there are WORDS that make you sad, sharp are those WORDS that make you mad. digest the books and WORDS so you’ll be smart. never hold back from those WORDS of the heart. saddle up your brain by corralling WORDS herds, don’t […]