I still have Hair

Got few Teeth left in my Mouth, other Parts are headed South. Painless days are Kind of Rare, but at Least I still have Hair. Spend more Time to take a Leak, knees when Bending start to Creak. Pills that Most days Fill my Hand, doctors Trips that Are not Planned. Marching close to Seven-three, […]

“Have You Fallen?”

“Have You Fallen?” they all Say, at my Age it’s Just the Way, How the Doctor’s Visits go, as my Years advance and Grow. Guess I know Just what they Mean, on my Butt or In-between. But they Never Specify, Interpretations I Apply: For my Wife of 50 Years, Every day through Laughs and Tears. […]

McDonalds French Fries can Grow Hair

McDonald’s French Fries can grow Hair, on your Head or Anywhere? Saw it On the News Today, must be True to Come that Way! Eye Brows, Ear Lobes, even Legs, Self-Creation what this Begs. Assuming that You have to Munch, Super-Size and Quite a Bunch? If good for Inside why not Out? tape It where […]

A Pacemaker?

The Pits to Face Reality, what Might be in Store for me. To keep Me from the Undertaker, might Install a darn Pacemaker. If I have to Get this Thing, might as Well come with Bling. it’s my Opinion in these Talks, Just install a small Boombox Rock is Used to Speed the Heart, Jazz […]

What am I Worth?

I view Me a Common Schmuck, just Like same and With some Luck, I ground Out a Common Wage, Retirement is Now my Stage. Did the Things was Supposed to Do, save some Bucks – Insurance Too. My family Would not go Broke, if One day I up and Croke. Now the Income’s kind of […]

Three for Small and Three for Big

Know what I could really Dig, Three for Small and Three for Big. Wishes given To us All, Your choice Big – Your choice Small. Magic Lamps – no Recognition, kept to “Three” as a Tradition. Anytime that You see Fit, throughout Life you just Submit. Wishes solely to Dispute, what Some call our Birthday […]

Double Chin

Double Chin – don’t Chagrin, see the Company that you’re In. Alex Baldwin – Michael Moore, Donald Trump adds To the Score. Mine is Growing Sun to Moon, Expanding like some Big Balloon. Suck it Up – Don’t get the Knife, seems It’s part of Living Life. So just Take it On the Chin, you […]