A Pacemaker?

The Pits to Face Reality, what Might be in Store for me. To keep Me from the Undertaker, might Install a darn Pacemaker. If I have to Get this Thing, might as Well come with Bling. it’s my Opinion in these Talks, Just install a small Boombox Rock is Used to Speed the Heart, Jazz […]

What am I Worth?

I view Me a Common Schmuck, just Like same and With some Luck, I ground Out a Common Wage, Retirement is Now my Stage. Did the Things was Supposed to Do, save some Bucks – Insurance Too. My family Would not go Broke, if One day I up and Croke. Now the Income’s kind of […]

Three for Small and Three for Big

Know what I could really Dig, Three for Small and Three for Big. Wishes given To us All, Your choice Big – Your choice Small. Magic Lamps – no Recognition, kept to “Three” as a Tradition. Anytime that You see Fit, throughout Life you just Submit. Wishes solely to Dispute, what Some call our Birthday […]

Double Chin

Double Chin – don’t Chagrin, see the Company that you’re In. Alex Baldwin – Michael Moore, Donald Trump adds To the Score. Mine is Growing Sun to Moon, Expanding like some Big Balloon. Suck it Up – Don’t get the Knife, seems It’s part of Living Life. So just Take it On the Chin, you […]

“Bad Brain Bats!!!!”

Many thoughts Fly through your Head, from Time you’re Born until you’re Dead. Disease’s I would Like to Stall, the Ones when there’s No Thoughts at All. It’s scary Stuff to Not know You, or Have Control of What you Do. As I’m inching Up in Years, this Is one of My Biggest Fears. Something […]

Why Not?

Went to Sam’s Club yesterday, when Checking out to Our Dismay, no more Helpful/Smiling Faces, Self-Check Kiosks in their Places. As Sam’s and Others move High Tech, “Why Not” a Dud that Seems a Wreck. My solution – do I Dare – to Fix a System called Healthcare. Acting as “The Idea Proctor,” eliminate Seeing […]

God’s Prostate

Way back When the World Began, God worked Hard to create “Man.” As ideas from Him were Sprung, must Have Been extremely Young. Spry and Strong – feeling his Oats, sure would Like to see his Notes. Prostate – Smostate, After Thought, Haste makes Waste and now he’s Caught. Time has Passed – Billions of […]

Personal Sex Lubricants

I still Like to Get up Early, some Might call me Kind of Squirrely Then I Do my Exercise, read Somewhere that Makes me Wise. While I sweat I watch TV, catch the News to some Degree. Products hawked are quite Diverse, of your Funds they hope Disperse. Flashlights that Beam to the Moon, pillow […]