Long, Long Hair – Long, Gone Hair

Long, Long Hair ‘til almost Nine, Long, Gone Hair this Gem of Mine. Was a Time when She was Small, now She’s growing very Tall. Time goes Slow – then Time goes Fast, plead the Memories to Last. As She’s making Life’s Impact, hope my Marbles stay Intact.

My Bachelor Party (the night before) to My Wedding Day (50+ years ago)

M-A-R-R-I-A-G-E “M” is For the “Many” beers I poured into Me. “A” is For the “Altar” I Could barely See. “R” is For the “Real” fear what’s Churnin’ down Below. “R” is For the “Ribs” and Smirks hoping I might Blow “I” is For the “Impact” as she Came my Way. “A” is For the […]

“Magic Man with Magic Hands”

Discharge Papers – still Alive, finally Felt I would Survive. Home of Record had a Band, gaining Ground throughout the Land. Few years Later had a Hit, “Magic Man” I dug a Bit. “Heart” and Wilson’s piercing Voice, crank it Up was my Clear Choice. Many Years have Fell since Then, hear that Song – […]

This Old Man & YouTube

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, that’s what YouTube means to Me. Not to Post my Aging Mug, just Hear Old Songs I Dug. Never liked the Flip DJ’s, turned me Off in many Ways. Always seemed to miss the Mark, not the Case with Young Dick Clark. Memry, well It’s kind of Shot, glad the Internet I Got. Pick […]

“Burma Shave” Signs

          Those who’ve Passed a Certain Age, might Remember Roadside Rage. Not the Kind that Made you Mad, now they’re Gone and It’s just Sad. Well before the Internet, was their Talent – Yes you Bet. Rhyming with a Sense of Humor, for Everyone – Not just Consumer. Driving down a […]

Want to have Creds?

Want to have Creds then Delay the Dead’s, experience Stores life’s Facts in our Heads. No need for Schooling – No need for Books, live Long enough – you Get second Looks. So put out that Ciggy – cut back on the Beer, walk ‘stead of Ride to reduce your Rear. Make healthy Choices from […]

Ode to “American Bandstand”

Got good Beat – can Dance to It, get High Score – might be a Hit? American Bandstand – early Days, Black and White – my loyal Gaze. Girls Together – no big Fuss, things sure Changed in Sixty Plus. Fell in Love right in my Den, many Times at age of Ten. Envied those […]

I can’t Spell !!!!!!!

Confession that’s a Long time Coming, at my Age somewhat Mind Numbing. In my Youth was not Precocious, as my Spelling was Atrocious Through the Years it’s not Improved, no Matter what I Tried or Dooed. Throughout school that Trait was Deaf, never Gained more than an “F.” Now have Spell Check – what a […]