Unintended Consequence

It’s the Place he Likes to Roam, ‘cause it’s Heaven and his Home. God does Things at Times up There, that Falls on Us and Everywhere. If he Suffers from a Cold, Humidifier’s in the Fold. Coming down With little Sizzle, Dreary Days with pesky Drizzle. Turning Sprinklers on his Lawn, from the Night ‘til […]

We should have been Moles

If we were Moles and Lived in Holes, we Could set the Earth’s Controls. No Pollution – Global Warming, Oceans Rising – Weather Storming. Wastelands, Glaciers – all in Use, Room for All so no Abuse. Minor changes Would not Hurt, have To be Some Flavored Dirt. Ice Cream, Pizza, and French Fries, Burgers, Hot […]

Mood Swings

Mother Nature’s not Demure, swings from Perfume to Manure. Paradise to Tragic Mess, her Bad Moods sure cause Distress. Toothaches, Migraines, missing Sleep, when She’s angry it ain’t Cheap. Perhaps the Answer’s not a Drug, let’s Just try a Simple Hug. I would Be the First to Give, but Where does Mother Nature Live?

Scuttle the Bombing Run

I like to Keep my Ride shined Up, been that Way since was a Pup. Wash and Wax and View with Pride, probably Shows my Anal Side? Just this Morning – Looking Great, never Knowing ‘bout My Fate. From above was Splattered Thrice, Hood and then the Windshield Twice. Attack was Swift – a Bird […]


“Wattle” you Going to Do, when Age sneaks Up on You. Gravity takes its Toll, sagging Jowls you can’t Control. Fight it Every single Inch, surely use a “Wattle Winch.” Shore it Up with Masking Tape, perhaps Back to a Younger Shape. Maybe just Embrace it All, as “Wattle Creep” starts to Sprawl. When your […]

Train the Bugs

Known in these Parts – I’m “Lone Vacuum Geek,” ride Herd on our Carpets least Twice a Week. Rid our Home Range of Dog Hair and Dirt, points Scored with my Wife – it Really can’t Hurt. Like houses of Plenty can’t keep out the Bugs, despite all the Poisons and plenty of Drugs. Too […]