Simple Me – Simple Rhymes

Simple Me – Not Simple Times, Simple Does – Those are my Rhymes. No Deep Meanings I can See, If there Are – It’s news to Me. Bazaar Thoughts to Paper Wed, least There’s still Some in my Head. Words just Flow to my Creation, in It’s Simple Formulation. Hope the Rhymes from my Brain […]

What you should Shut Down – What you should not Shut Down

Things you should Shut Down: Toilet Bowl that Overflows, Snot that’s Dripping from you Nose. Lights whenever Leave a Room, Bathroom Door to halt the Fume. Phones though Left to some Debate, so Pets don’t Roam – the Backyard Gate. Eyelids so That you can Sleep, Tunes so Hearing you will Keep. Things you should […]

Left or Right?

Left or Right – Right or Wrong, Feelings Slight or Feelings Strong. Strapping pants On in this Case, or Something else In their Place. Shoes or Armpits – Politics, labels to It can Affix. Decisions Made – Live with Them, Consequences for sure Stem. Pants are Old just like Me, Experience is What I See. […]


Immature Rhymes with Manure, at Least in my Mind that’s for Sure. Temper Tantrums – Stomping Feet, Young or Old or In-beTweet. Just Ignore and Walk Away, or Cave In and Get their Way? The Simple Answer to this Crap, a Blanket, Bottle, and a Nap!

Social Security

Social Security is a Misnomer, like When a Bunt turns into a Homer. Perhaps call it Cash of Yours in the End, that Goes in a Pool for Others to Spend. If want Security in Social Places, Must have the Creds to turn People’s Faces. Become BFF with Handsome George Clooney, Steve Martin, of course, […]