Why use Cups when Got the Holder, couldn’t State it any Bolder. Directly to Your mouth can Feed, Longer straw is All you Need. Lemons into Lemonade, great Ideas from Goofs are Made. Spilled my Drink and said, “Oh dear,” then Though I’ve got something Here. Pets would Like it for a Lick, Swimming Fish […]

The Channel Surfers Antitrust

Channel Surfers – a Lost Breed? Gadgets now – What’s the Need? Proudly state That I am One, Networks sure do Spoil the Fun. Commercials pay For what I View, still Don’t like Them – Nothing New. One comes On – I grab my Panel, Another’s on the Other Channel! So I Guess I’ve had […]

Mechanically Challenged

My “Guy Genes” got lost Somewhere, questions if I have a Pair? Was not One to Work on Cars, engines Seemed like Built on Mars. DAD – “The Home Improvement Don,” could have Built the Parthenon. On my Hide he’d Liked to Wail, could Not pound Down a Straight Nail. Cardboard Kitchen – up All […]

Subliminal Messages – Pure B.S.

Subject to Some real Proof, Limited now To a Spoof. Including me As in the Dark, Always seems to Miss the Mark. Read it’s ‘bout Perception Level, This no Reason all should Revel. Rhyme or In just simple Prose, Please don’t Fall within it’s Throes.