The Most Meanings

English Words have “Run” Amuck, New Ones – Old Ones – Thunderstruck. “Play” your Hand which One to “Take,” “Set” or “Go” your Mind might “Break.” “Turn” to Those with Many Uses, “Up” to Now with Most Abuses. “Cut” some Slack to Those who Planned, Ten most Meanings on their “Hand.” “Run”, “Turn”, “Set”, “Go”, […]

“The Break Wind Symphony”

Enjoy Relief’s Epitome, with “The Break Wind Symphony.” Silent Notes up to Extreme, Folks Alive know What I Mean. Proudly it’s Your own Creation, Praise should Be through the Duration. Crudely might Be called a Fart, Shame ‘cause it’s a True Mozart. Even if a Masterpiece, Swallow Pride and Be at Peace. In a Crowd […]