“Super Duper Geezerettes”

Super Duper Geezerettes, Have their Own Unique Assets. I’m just Stating long known Facts, stops Old Geezers in their Tracks. Geezers pain – There ain’t no Way, Pains in the Butt they Just might Say. Dirty Jokes – Keeping Score? Call it Out and Raise one More. Brag about Their own Grandkids, Embellishments no one […]

Left or Right?

Left or Right – Right or Wrong, Feelings Slight or Feelings Strong. Strapping pants On in this Case, or Something else In their Place. Shoes or Armpits – Politics, labels to It can Affix. Decisions Made – Live with Them, Consequences for sure Stem. Pants are Old just like Me, Experience is What I See. […]